This is my first game and the first time I ever did art or music for a game, so don't expect too much.

There were some things I would chance if I had more time to work on this, and some others that didn't made into the game:

  • I wanted the Intro, main game background and gameover screen to be animated.
  • Would improve the main music and game over music a little after hearing them one million times.
  • Better color and palette choices, if I wasn't born colorblind.
  • There were plans for two items that didn't appear into the game:
    • A scroll to replenish the dash energy, which felt unnecessary after the mechanics were done, since the bar fills up pretty fast on larger combos.
    • An Apple just like the trademarked one, with drop rate of 0,05% that once you get would show Steve Jobs face in the Sky. Just felt like too much trouble for a joke.
  • A double jump, which I know how to implement, but would feel to awkward in the current mechanics.
  • Voices and on-screen overlays when you reach certain combo numbers. This was really the next thing I would add, but I wanted to finish the game until 03/02.

All of the game was done in 10 days, mostly by me, with help from my friend during the first few days. Perhaps I can change some few things here and there, if there is demand, but I'm quite happy with the way it is. My record is 2,3kk with a 146 max combo.

Also, I don't really work with games and I'm currently unemployed, so if I don't know you directly I wouldn't feel ashamed if you donate! =D

Published Feb 03, 2014
Made withPhaser
Tagsbrasil, candy-jam, hynx